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ALTO Conference Madrid 2017

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ALTO Pulse- Multinational organisations
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Instructions for organisations with multiple country locations to complete the ALTO Pulse survey.

In order to complete and submit the ALTO Pulse survey for each of your country locations, you have to clear your cookies and cache in your browser. 

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer that help websites personalise your experience by remembering your preferences (and sometimes login information). If you need to complete the ALTO Pulse survey more than once from the same computer, we recommend that you clear the cookie files from your browser. Please find instructions for cleaning cookies in popular browsers below.

Note: Use caution when clearing your cookies since they may store login and/or password information for other websites that you visit.

Internet Explorer 7

Clearing cookies:
Click the Tools menu-- if it's not visible, click ALT from your keyboard.
Click Internet Options.
Click the General tab.
Click Delete under Browsing History.
Click Delete Cookies.
Click Yes.

Clearing cache:
Click the Tools menu-- if it's not visible, click ALT from your keyboard.
Click Delete Browsing History.
Click Delete files.
Click Yes.
Click Close.

Firefox 2 & 3 (Windows)

Clearing cookies & cache:
Click the Tools menu.
Pick Clear Recent History.
Under "Time Range to Clear" choose Everything.
Tick the Cookies, Details and Cache check boxes.
Click Clear Now.

Firefox 2 & 3 (Mac)

Clearing cookies:
Click on the Firefox menu.
Click Preferences.
Click the Privacy icon.
Click Show Cookies.
Scroll down and click the folder; or click Remove All Cookies.
Click Remove Cookies.

Clearing cache:
Click the Firefox menu.
Click Preferences.
Click Advanced.
Click the Network tab.
From the "Offline Storage" section, click Clear Now.
Click OK.
Safari 2 & above for Mac

Clearing cookies:
Click the Safari menu.
Click Preferences.
Click Privacy.
Click Remove All Website Data or highlight the cookies that contain in them.
Click Remove Now.

Clearing cache:
Click the Safari menu.
Click Empty Cache.
Click Empty.

Google Chrome

The following steps clear both cookies and cache:
Click the wrench icon in the top right corner of the browser window.
Pick the option to Clear Browsing Data.
Ensure the Delete Cookies check box is ticked.
Click the Clear Browsing Data button.